भाकृअनुप - केन्द्रीय पटसन एवं समवर्गीय रेशा अनुसंधान संस्थान

ICAR - Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

Dr. Bijan Majumdar

Principal Scientist
Soil Chemistry / Fertility / Microbiology


Development and refinement of low-cost environment friendly retting technology for jute & mesta, crops, the metagenomics of retting microbiome, dynamics of enzymes related to retting process, fibre quality improvement and large scale demonstration and extension of improved retting technology to the jute and mesta growing farming community of India. Microbial dynamics in jute, mesta and ramie-based cropping systems, and under long term fertility experiment. Development of INM based STCR equation for jute-based cropping system of Gangetic alluvium soil, validation of those equations under farmers field level and recommendation to the farmers.


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  1. Environment friendly low-cost retting technology for jute and metagenomics of retting microbiome, (In House Project; Budget: 92.80 lakhs)
  2. Jute-Intensive Cultivation and Advanced Retting Exercise (Jute-ICARE), (NJB, Ministry of Textiles, GoI sponsored; Budget: 30.0 lakhs/year)
  3. Soil test and resource based integrated plant nutrient supply system for sustainable agriculture, (AICRP-STCR; ICAR sponsored)
  4. To study changes in soil quality, crop productivity and sustainability under jute-rice-wheat cropping system (LTFE; ICAR sponsored)
  5. Soil health characterization and carbon sequestration potential in ramie based cropping system in North Eastern India,(In House Project)
  6. Conservation Agricultural Practices of Jute Based Cropping Systems under Climate Change Scenario; (In House Project)

  1. IMPHOS (World Phosphorus Institute)-FAI (Fertilizer Association of India) award on “Role of Phosphorus on yield and quality of crops” for the year 2011 for outstanding contribution on P management.

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