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ICAR - Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

Dr. Bheemanna Somanna Gotyal

Senior Scientist

Agril. Entomology


As a scientist, presently working in jute entomology. So far there is no source for insect resistance varieties in jute. Hence, an extensive work has been taken to identify the source and mechanism of resistance. During the study, it is identified that the sources and mechanism of resistance in the wild species of jute Corchorus aestuans is confirmed against jute hairy caterpillar. The identification of the jute germplasm as resistant source unfolds the practical utility of C. aestuans (WCIN 179) in developing resistant varieties because of its crossability with cultivated jute. This germplasm is subjected for documentation by registering in ICAR-NBPGR gene bank by Germplasm Registration Committee of ICAR.


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  1. Identification of Sources and Mechanism of Resistance among the Wild and Cultivated Accessions of Jute against Lepidopteron Pest Complex, (In House Project, Budget: 66.40 lakhs)
  2. Bio-ecology and management of sucking pests in jute, (In House Project, Budget: 48.50 lakhs)
  3. Genetic improvement of jute genotypes against biotic stress, (In House Project, Budget: 39.58 lakhs)
  4. Identification of Sources and Mechanism of Resistance against major Insect Pests of Jute, (In House Project, Budget: 33.51 lakhs)
  5. studies on the role of volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) conferring Host Plant Resistance to Jute Hairy caterpillar, Spilosoma Obliqua, (In House Project, Budget: 74.65 lakhs)

  1. Awarded, National Academy for Agricultural Science (NAAS) Associateship - 2019
  2. Received Dr. B. Vasanthraj David Young Scientist Award for the research contribution in jute Entomology
  3. Recognized as a Fellow of the Society for Biocontrol Advancement: In appreciation and recognition for outstanding achievements and contribution in the field of biocontrol of crop pests and diseases from the Society of Biocontrol Advancement (SBA), Bangalore, India On 9th February, 2017
  4. Life Fellow of the Entomological Society of India, New Delhi for the Promotion of Research in Entomology
  5. Received, Best Poster Award for the paper “Biological Control of Key Pest of Jute, Spilosoma obliqua- A case study” in the International Conference on Biological Control (ICBC-2018), Approaches and Applications, 27-29th September 2018 at Bangalore, India

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