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ICAR - Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

Dr. Manik Lal Roy


Agricultural Extension


Climate variability and jute based cropping system, Impact assessment of CRIJAF technologies, Technology adoption and diffusion.


Tel: +91-33-25353786

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  1. Climate variability vis-à-vis jute based cropping system-An appraisal based on farmers’ perspective, (In House Project)
  2. A study on farmers’ perception regarding plant protection management practices in jute based crop sequence of West Bengal, (In House Project)
  3. Impact assessment of CRIJAF technologies in Jute-ICARE areas of West Bengal, (In House Project)
  4. Improvement of soil carbon stocks and farm productivity through integrated cropland management practices in jute cultivation areas (A farmer’s participatory research), (In House Project)
  5. NFSM (CC)Jute, (MoAg & FW sponsored)

  1. Best Oral Presentation Award at International Extension Education Congress on Education, Research and Services organized by Department of Extension Education ,IAS, BHU during January 27-30, 2016
  2. Best Poster Presentation Award at National Symposium on “Hill Agriculture in Perspective (HAP-2016)” held at GBPUAT, Pantnagar during February 26-28, 2016
  3. “Certificate of Appreciation” in International Extension Education Conference-2016 held at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi during 27-30 January, 2016 for contribution as Co-Chairperson
  4. Received a “Letter of Appreciation” by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Kerala for conducting the Exposure Visit of a team of 13 Officers of the Department of Agriculture, Government of Kerala at Hawalbagh Experimental Farm of ICAR-VPKAS, Almora on November 30, 2015
  5. ICAR SRF, JRF and B.Sc (Ag) Hons. Gold Medalist

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