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ICAR - Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

Dr. S. K. Pandey

Principal Scientist

Plant Breeding


Coordination, monitoring and execution of JAF crop improvement programme of All India Network Project on Jute and Allied Fibres across 8 SAU and 04 ICAR based centres under multi-location network project.

Engaged in improvement of allied fibre crops, especially YVM resistance, high yielding better fibre quality mesta and sunnhemp varieties. Developed 3 varieties (JBMP 2, JBMP 3 and JBMP 4) of kenaf, one variety each of roselle (JRR 17) and sunnhemp (JRJ 610) which have been released and notified by CSCCSN&RV, New Delhi which are under seed chain.

Associated as Co-PI with the varietal development of jute (JROM 1, JROG 1, JRO 2407, JRCM 2, JRC 9057), mesta (JBM 81), sunnhemp (SUIN 037 and SUIN 3) and first fibre flax (JRF 2) variety which are presently under seed chain.


Tel: +91-33-25350849

E-mail Address:

  1. All India Network Project on Jute and Allied Fibres, (ICAR AINPJAF sponsored)
  2. Genetic enhancement of mesta using conventional and molecular approaches for fibre yield and quality improvement, (In House Project)
  3. Genetic improvement of jute and mesta for diversified end use, (In House Project)
  4. Genetic purity testing and varietal fingerprinting in mesta using molecular markers, (In House Project)
  1. Dwarika Nath Memorial Award-2002 for the best Ph. D. Thesis
  2. “Young Scientist Award-2013” by the Society for Scientific Development in Agriculture and Technology on 9th of February, 2013 at CCSU, Meerut
  3. Letter of appreciation from DDG (Crop Science), ICAR, New Delhi being a member of team for exploring the possibility of jute seed production in non-traditional jute area of West Bengal (Drier tract of Bankura and Purulia Districts of West Bengal) under RKVY Project Component-II
  4. Examiner of Ph. D. Thesis and conducted viva-voce of many Ph. D. students in Department of Botany, Lucknow University, Lucknow (U.P.)
  5. Editor of scientific Journal; Frontiers in Crop Improvement. (ISSN: 2393-8234)

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